Giant Robot Dance

You may be wondering... "What exactly is Giant Robot Dance?" Not to worry, there is a perfectly plausible non-paranormal explanation. Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to go into particulars (national security is after all our number one priority) but, suffice to say that a team of highly trained specialists has been analyzing various data collected from the most recent incident and it has nothing to do with a highly infectious strain of contra dancing or the outlandishly-rocking music and bizarre fashion experiments reported from the area.

Giant Robot Dance brings together six talented young musicians from New York, Vermont and Washington DC for a high-energy, alter-ego, super-psychedelic contra dance experience. Three sets of musical brothers — Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand, Andrew and Aaron Marcus, Michael and Alex Ferguson — for a wild night of blaring accordion, shredding electric guitar, bludgeoning drums and honking trombone solos, plus a sprinkling of very tasteful piano melodies and delicate violin accents. If you've ever longed to balance and swing with ELO, hey for four with Carlos Santana or petronella turn to the music of Queen, this may very well be as close as you'll ever get!

Andrew VanNorstrand Guitar, Fiddle
Noah VanNorstrand Drums
Andrew Marcus Accordion
Aaron Marcus Piano, Banjo, Concertina
Michael Ferguson Trombone
Alex Ferguson Trombone

Our new CD, "Spontaneous Animation" was released in July!

July 27, 2012

Giant Robot Dance brings you the next generation of contra dancing: traditional music artfully woven together with pop songs, infused with a rock sensibility throughout. From silly to sublime to downright ROCKING, Giant Robot Dance does it all!

"Spontaneous Animation" is our first full-length album, released July 2012. Recorded live at "Contrastock I" in Washington DC in 2011, and at "Summer Soirée" in Asheville NC in 2012, it features many of our favorite new sets, includes covers of songs by Katy Perry, Elton John, U2, Tchaikovsky and others. Unlike our previous album, "Live at the Butterball", there is no caller's voice in this one; it's an hour of pure musical spontaneity and unexpected twists.

Listen to samples and buy it now!