Giant Robot Dance

Upcoming Events

Aug 28-29
Guiding Star Grange, Greenfield MA
Feb 26-28
Pasadena, CA
Giant Robot Dance Weekend in Greenfield, MA
Friday Aug 28 to Saturday Aug 29
Guiding Star Grange
401 Chapman St, Greenfield MA 01301

Giant Robot Dance returns to Massachusetts for an unforgetable weekend!

Three main events, plus free workshop and potluck. Combo tickets available at the door - $20 for two, $28 for three.

  1. Challenging Contras with Bob Isaacs calling
    Friday, 8 - 11:15 pm
    More details on Facebook
  2. English as a 2nd Language: A Free Introduction to English Country Dance especially for Contra dancers
    Saturday, 2:30 - 3 pm
  3. English Country Dance with Tom Amessé calling
    Saturday, 3 - 6 pm
    More details on Facebook
  4. Community Potluck for all!
    Saturday, 6 - 7:45 pm
  5. Contra Dance with Steve Zakon-Anderson calling
    Saturday, 8 - 11:30 pm
    More details on Facebook


"English as a Second Language: Introduction to English Country Dance especially for experienced Contra dancers"

Join us for a wild afternoon of elegant dances called by Tom Amessé and lovely music played in ridiculous ways by Giant Robot Dance! Stately Baroque piano combines with mind-blowing electric guitar and dueling trombones to satisfy your inner rock child while you float gracefully around the dance floor. So whether you grew up in the 1690s or the 1990s, this is an event not to be missed!

A sample of the afternoon’s shenanigans: “Emperor of the Moon”, Ballroom Blum, calling by Melissa Running


For help in finding host families or if you wish to host dancers, contact Katie Donis Olmstead: As much lead time as possible, please.

There will be a POTLUCK before the evening’s contra dance. No cooking facilities.

This is a fragrance-free and substance-free event. Please bring clean smooth-soled shoes.

Fiddling Frog Dance Weekend
Friday Feb 26 to Sunday Feb 28
Pasadena, CA

More info coming soon!