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Spontaneous Animation (2012)

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Giant Robot Dance brings you the next generation of contra dancing: traditional music artfully woven together with pop songs, infused with a rock sensibility throughout. From silly to sublime to downright ROCKING, Giant Robot Dance does it all!

"Spontaneous Animation" is our first full-length album, released July 2012. Recorded live at "Contrastock I" in Washington DC in 2011, and at "Summer Soirée" in Asheville NC in 2012, it features many of our favorite new sets, includes covers of songs by Katy Perry, Elton John, U2, Tchaikovsky and others. Unlike our previous album, "Live at the Butterball", there is no caller's voice in this one; it's an hour of pure musical spontaneity and unexpected twists.

Recorded by:
Jamie Platt ("Contrastock I", Glen Echo MD, May 2011)
  and by:
Mountain Sound Services ("Summer Soirée", Asheville NC, June 2012)
Edited and Produced by:
Andrew Marcus
Sheepskin & Beeswax / Giant Robot Dance
(Trad / Andrew Marcus) © Andrew Marcus
Swan Lake Theme / In the Hall of the Mountain King
(Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky / Edvard Grieg)
Yellow Room / Horse on the Roof
(Andrew VanNorstrand) © Great Bear Music
Other Andrew's Favorite
(Giant Robot Dance)
Scotch Cap / Maison de Glace
(Trad / Réjean Brunet)
Frank's Reel / Firework
(John McCusker / Katy Perry, Esther Dean, Mikkel Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Sandy Julien Wilhelm) © John McCusker: PRS/MCPS / © EMI Music Publishing; Ultra Tunes; Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., When I'm Rich You'll Be My Bitch
Fly Around
Jump at the Sun / Wizard's Walk
(John Kirkpatrick / Jay Unger, arr. GRD) © Squeezer Music / © Swinging Door Music
Meridian Hill / Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / Circle of Life
(Andrew Marcus / U2: Paul David Hewson, Adam Clayton, Dave Evans, Larry Mullen, Victor Reina / Elton John) © Andrew Marcus / © Universal Music Publishing Group / © Wonderland Music Company, Inc)

Watch us perform the U2 / Elton John set!

Live at the Butterball (2010)

Buy and download $5.90 for download

Featuring calling by Beth Molaro

This album was recorded live at the Butterball, in Philadelphia, on Nov 27, 2009, and has been reformatted to fit your screen. It's about as close to a Giant Robot Dance event as you can get without being there. But really, you should be there. How could you miss dancing along with Optimus Prime, Wall-E and R2D2?

Recorded by:
Terry Mutchler
Edited and Produced by:
Andrew Marcus
Julia Delaney / Tween Spirit
(Trad / Kurt Cobain, arr. GRD) © Primary Wave Tunes, M.J. Twelve Music, The End of Music
Redwing / Private Eye
(Trad / Andrew Marcus) © Andrew Marcus
Full length!
Jump at the Sun / Wizard's Walk
(John Kirkpatrick / Jay Unger, arr. GRD) © Squeezer Music / © Swinging Door Music
Tam Lin / Other Andrew's Favorite
(Trad / Andrew VanNorstrand)
Dancers of Teeth / Noah's Favorite
(Dave Bartley / Andrew VanNorstrand) © Dave Bartley
Full length!
Rainbow Connection / Memory
(Paul Williams & Kenneth Ascher / Andrew Lloyd Webber) © The Walt Disney Company, Fuzzy Muppet Songs / © Universal - Songs of Polygram, The Really Useful Group Ltd.

Watch us perform the "Redwing / Private Eye" set!

Giant Robot Dance Demo (2008)

This is our first album, released in 2008. It represents our valiant attempt to capture our unique sound, while maintaining the energy and excitement for which we are known. You can download it here for free!

Flying Ice Cream
(Andrew VanNorstrand, Noah VanNorstrand, Andrew Marcus)
March of the Polypody People
(© Aaron Marcus)
Father Kelly's / As It Happened
(Trad / Unknown, arr. GRD)
Moonlight Over a Spaghetti Plate
(© Andrew Marcus)

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